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List of Services

excavating excavate dig trench auger grade haul
excavating excavate dig trench auger grade haul

DIGGING & Excavating

You need digging? I do all kinds of digging. Tree holes, trenching, retention ponds, bar ditches, underground utilities, and pretty much any other digging needs you may have. The tractor I use can dig as deep as 12’ deep.

It articulates at two points so I can dig in very tight spots and next to houses and fences.

excavating excavate dig trench auger grade haul


You need something graded? I can do it for you! I can grade that rutted out driveway and make it look like a new one or I can build one on your property. If it’s a tough area I even have a Bulldozer.

I also have two 2,800-pound vibratory compaction rollers that will create a solid base on your driveway. One for ultimate compaction and the other for finish rolling. Then I can haul and spread the topping so it’s not muddy when it rains. Plus, I can do periodic maintenance at a reasonable cost.

excavating excavate dig trench auger grade haul


Do you want to plant some trees or plants? Maybe you want to put a fence or sign in and need holes dug. I can bore the holes fast and inexpensive.

Currently I can bore up to an 24” diameter hole and up to six feet deep.

excavating excavate dig trench auger grade haul


Do you have some old, cracked concrete you are tired of looking at or keep tripping on it? I can break it up with my concrete breaker and then haul it off. Then I can prep the soil so you can pour new concrete driveway or install those pavers you've always wanted.
excavating excavate dig trench auger grade haul


Is there an old shed or building you are wanting off your property? I can demo it and then haul it off. I can even clear your property for a new home, garden or anything else you may want.

I have a large “Grapple Loader” that will grab trash, materials and almost anything else and load it in my dump truck.

excavating excavate dig trench auger grade haul


Are weeds and maybe even small trees blocking your views? Or are they just a fire danger? I can cut them all down with my “Brush Hog” mower. It’s a large mower that will cut up to 3” saplings. I can do a large field for a reasonable cost then I can come back when you call me for maintenance.


I can haul practically any type of material from 1 ton to 20 tons. Dirt – sand – gravel - aggregate – decorative rock – boulders and almost anything else that fits in the dump bed.  

One of my dump trucks has a special "high lift" tailgate so hauling large odd-shaped materials/debris is no problem. Call, text or email me for hauling quotes.

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